A diary of the last eight days of my life
(November 28, 2000 to November 30, 2000)

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November 28, 2000: In the morning, mom dropped me off at the usual hospital. They gave me sedator, appetite stimulant, fluids. Mom picked me up at around noon. The vet has the blood test result.
November 28, 2000: It shows my white blood cells is 3 times higher than normal and red blood cell is extremely low. The vet told mom elevated white blood cell count indicates an infection. Mom asked the vet if an infection can be caused by the lumps in my stomach. The vet said it may or may not be.
November 28, 2000: The vet told mom if I continue not to eat today, they will have to do surgery on me tomorrow. Mom asked the vet if we will be removing my lumps with this surgery. The vet told mom it depends. If they are tumors and if it looks too bad then we can only take biopsy of the tumors.
November 28, 2000: Mom brought me home, I was given some appetite stimulant today. I ate a little of what mom bought me today, some milk, some grass. Mom is worried. She is worried whether I am strong enough to go through a surgery. She cried.....
November 29, 2000: In the morning, as usual mom brought me to the hospital. Mom explained to the vet what and how much I have eaten. The vet told mom surgery will begin around 10a.m. and she can call around 11:30am to find out the result. She left and came back at noon worrying whether I will still be alive. The vet took her into a room and explained to her about how the surgery went.
November 29, 2000: Mom was relieved to hear the surgery went well. However, the vet did find quite a few big tumors in my intestine along with a lot of smaller ones around the same area. Part of my intestine where the larger tumors were was taken out and sample was being sent to the lab to find out more about the tumors. The lab will send the results no later than friday.
November 29, 2000: The fact that the vet was able to take out the tumors led mom to think the tumors might not be cancerous or even if it is, it should still be at its early stage. Mom came to see me, she told me I am a good and strong boy, I will get better and we can go home very soon. But I will have to stay in the hospital for the night.
November 30, 2000: Mom came to visit me in the morning. I felt a little better and was rubbing my head against mom's fingers. I could see mom was a little delighted when she saw me this way. I am still weak though.
November 30, 2000: After mom left, they sedated me again trying to feed me and everything. Mom came to visit me during lunch. She was a little sad since I appeared to be weak again. Mom asked the vet about the lab results and if she can take me home. The vet said okay but just make sure to bring me in again tomorrow. We are not getting the lab results today. We should be getting it tomorrow.

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