Mom's Confession

After losing Bebe the way I lost him, I must say I am in no position to give anyone any advise. However, I did learn a few things from my loss and want to share them with anyone whose pet has cancer or any other disease.

The first mistake I made was to put the pain killing patch on Bebe. This is a very strong pain killer. It is even stronger than morphine. In most cases, it does help patients who are suffering from physical pain. I thought it could help Bebe. Even if he was not in pain, I thought it will be of help in case he does feel any kind of pain. I was so wrong. This pain killing patch actually could be the cause of his death due to his condition and age, his weak body was just not able to handle it. For more information on these patches, read the story about Tootsie.

The second mistake I made was to do the tube feeding. I should have asked what are involved before making that decision. I did not. I was just thinking to do whatever that might help. He was just way too weak to have another surgery. His body cannot handle another surgery in just 3 days even if the second one was a small surgery.

The third mistake I made was being nervous right before rushing him to emergency. I have always put him in his carrier whenever I take him out. I should have just held him in my arms to the hospital without putting him in this carrier. Bebe was too weak he didnt even have the strength to lift his head up for air. When I opened the carrier after I got to the hospital, Bebe's head was at the corner of the carrier. He didnt have enough air. How terrible a thing I have done......

In conclusion, THINK!! Ask about everything before making a decision. Do not just proceed with what the vet suggests without knowing the details of what is going to be done. Even if your vet is the best vet in the world, if you feel you are not getting all the information from your vet, change your vet. I felt very uncomfortable with the vet I had. I am pretty sure he was a good vet, except when it comes to answering questions. I just told myself I should stick with him because he has been Bebe's vet for all Bebe's life and guess what, I hate myself now for not going to a different vet. Like everything else, knowing all the facts is very important. I thought I knew that... Now looking back I just feel so stupid, this experience will forever haunt me, you cannot imagine how painful it is, to know that my actions caused Bebe so much pain.

I want to thank you for listening/reading, this page is just another mean of voicing my frustrations(about myself), making excuses for not doing the right thing. Please dont be like me, someone who wishes everything can be done all over again. May good health and happiness be with each and everyone of our pets.....
God bless.