A diary of the last eight days of my life
(November 24, 2000 to November 27, 2000)

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My name is Bebe. I lived in Hawaii. I was born in I dont know which month in 1986. As of today(November 2000), I am considered 14 years old. My mom adopted me when I was about half a year old. If you are wondering, "mau" = cat in Chinese and mom just loves to call me Bebe-mau.

November 24, 2000: my mom brought me to the vet for examination because I have not been eating. The vet said I was dehydrated and decided I had to stay in the hospital so then they can treat me with IV. Also they did a blood test. On the same day, mom called the vet and the vet told her I am feeling better and I can be picked up possibly tomorrow.

November 25, 2000: Mom came to the hospital thinking she could take me home. I was completely sedated when she came to visit me. The vet explained to mom what he has treated me with. Then he told mom he felt something in my stomach, possibly lumps.

November 25, 2000: Mom did not want to believe what she was hearing but she asked the vet to do whatever he can to find that out. They took X-ray of my abdominal area. The vet showed mom there is abnormality in the intestinal area. To be more sure of what they are seeing in the X-ray, they decided to give me an ultrasound.

November 25, 2000: After waiting for about 2 hours, the ultrasound technician showed up and they brought me into a room and scanned my abdominal area with a device which at the same time, show images on a computer. There were a lot of conversations between the technician and the vet using a lot of technical terms. Mom did not know a thing what they were talking about.

November 25, 2000: After they were done scanning me, the vet told mom it appeared I have a mass in my intestine and needed to do surgery to find out whether its cancerous. However, since I havent been eating, the vet is not suggesting the surgery until I get stronger.

November 26, 2000: Thank god mom came to pick me up. I am going home!!! I am still not feeling well. The vet has given me lots of fluids plus sedator that makes me feel so weak. I am still not hungry. Mom tried to feed me but I refuse to eat. Mom is worried, she cried.....

November 27, 2000: In the morning, mom dropped me off at the hospital....AGAIN!!!! I hate the hospital. Why is she doing this to me?? They poke me with needles and feed me food but I am not hungry!! Mom came to pick me up during lunch. The vet told her we will get the blood test result tomorrow. Mom dropped me off at home and went back to her training.

November 27, 2000: Mom came home and oh no.... She's getting me ready to go somewhere...... Mom brought me to a different hospital. This new vet keeps touching my stomach. Trying to feel the lumps in me. He told mom he is almost definite I have cancer. Surgery is a MUST to find out what we are dealing with. We went home afterwards. Mom tried to give me all kinds of food but all I ate was grass and some milk. Mom is worried, she cried....

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