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Date Submitted: 11/18/2013 7:14:38 PM
My Name: BJ aka Bebe Junior
My Website: None
My Story: BJ is Bebe's baby brother. BJ has lymphoma cancer but was fighting like a champ. He finally lost his battle after over 6 months. Baby boy mommy will miss you always. Take care, fly free with Bebe in Kitty's heaven. Love you so much, mommy...
Date Submitted: 4/19/2012 8:28:18 AM
My Name: Dewey
My Website: None
My Story: We took Dewey for his rabies shot,but he was given combination shots+ lyme disease all on the same day.He came home and got weaker and weaker by day.In 2 weeks we had to put him down,he was suffering.Warning Pet owners:Combination shots are part of unethical practice of over-vaccination of pets and vets who use them should have no place in your Dog`s Life.
Date Submitted: 8/31/2010 12:47:14 PM
My Name: Buddy
My Website: None
My Story: There is nothing that will bring Buddy back but if we can learn something because this situation maybe it will help someone else out It is quite obvious that Buddy right from the start was being misdiagnosis just as I was at the Hosp at first till they tested me for C- Diff I KNOW Buddy had C diff I had C diff very bad at home before I was diagnosed with it and hospitalized . Buddy had drank out of the toilet bowl and therefor contacted spores orally . Spores incubate for 2-7 days after colonization When Gary took Buddy to the vet he told them I had C-Diff and there fore thought that would be what Buddy had as well - that was enough to suggest a test should be done to confirm it . When we took him for walks around the motel he had diarrhea and it reminded me of how my body was acting before I got the proper medication We cleaned him up and they did at the clinic as well We did mention c diff and for a reason and expected the test to have been done . Dr Wagner assured us it wasn't c diff but really should have tested before presuming especially when we requested the test . Now because someone presumed and didn't test our pet is not with us The chain of events are cause enough to even suspect c diff and not to rule it out It was C= Diff !!! How important it is to listen to the owners, as they really do know their pets better than anyone If we even suspected he was not even looked at for C-Diff we would never have considered putting him to rest. Because of the out come of all of this Gary & I are truly crushed and hurt We are now the victims of a heart ache words can not express Loosing Buddy was indeed the hardest thing Gary or I have had to do . We both were in deep grief and shock When we read the medical reports after we were horrified and in remorse that is haunting us to this day You need to know that this C-Diff is out there in the homes and not just in the Hosp I acquired my C-Diff from an antibiotic called Clindamycin from the dentist Other animals could be at risk and if you know about it maybe it won't be to late for them .
Date Submitted: 5/16/2009 3:50:13 PM
My Name: Stray Hero
My Website:
My Story: She was the next dog shot with an air pellet-gun from an unknown idiot. She can not move her back legs and the bullet is still inside her body. We brought her to the vet and they said that the bullet is already about a week inside her body and it is too late to remove it. The doctors told us they can do a rehabilitation until she can gets back to normal. There is a hope. Please help us collect the money for the rehabilitation and the rest of the exams and medications. If you have any suggestions or advice, please email us. More photographs on my web-site:
Date Submitted: 2/3/2008 11:15:10 AM
My Name: Squeaky and Sooty
My Website: None
My Story: Hi As you know now both of my cats died Squeaky died in June last year of cancer and kidney failure. Sooty had a stroke last Monday and was paralized from the waist down. Squeaky was 16years 8 months. Sooty was 17 years and 3 months 27 days. Here is Sqeaky.
Date Submitted: 2/3/2008 11:14:36 AM
My Name: Squeaky and Sooty
My Website: None
My Story: Hi As you know now both of my cats died Squeaky died in June last year of cancer and kidney failure. Sooty had a stroke last Monday and was paralized from the waist down. Squeaky was 16years 8 months. Sooty was 17 years and 3 months 27 days. Here is Sooty.
Date Submitted: 9/26/2007 8:56:41 PM
My Name: Boxer
My Website: None
My Story: Boxer who was born on January 14, 1999 was a tiger striped, double-pawed tabby. I had him from the time he was six weeks old. He was a warm and loving cat, but he was very unadaptable. He absolutely hated any change to surroundings or routine and in fact, the last time we moved he hid behind the couch for a week and refused to do anything, including eat. Boxer was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure in July 2006 by our regular veterinarin. At the time, he also had a bad kidney infection which was causing him to urinate all over the house. We decided after much consideration, because Boxer was so unadaptable, and because Chronic Renal is not curable, to take an uninvasive approach to Boxer's care. We decided to give him the recommended food purchased from the vet, and to cut out his extra table treats.

Taking Boxer to the vet was always a hard decision because it affected him so badly. When we took him in for his appointment when he was initially diagnosed with Chronic Renal, he ended up having to stay in for a few days because they needed to get a urine sample from him. It took four days for him to pee. On the way home from the vet (literally a five minute drive), he could not hold his bladder any longer and he ended up letting go of it in a urinary explosion in the cat carrier. When we got him home, we had to bathe him because he was completely urine soaked. So, because of episodes like this, we took Boxer out and to the vet only when completely and absolutely necessary.

Things were fine with Boxer for the next year and then in July 2007, he started urinating all over the house again. We again called our regular veterinarian who had diagnosed him the year before, to see if they would prescribe the antibiotics for a kidney infection without having to bring Boxer in, and they said that they could not do that. While we did not want to put Boxer through another vet visit, we did understand their decision. We decided at that point in time that it would be best for everyone to have Boxer "put down." We knew he had a chronic, and eventually fatal condition, and he had been the last three months or so, howling all the time, and constantly wanting comfort, so we weren't even sure if he was in pain, or how much pain he was in. We also knew that when dealing with a cat with Chronic Renal, that it was important to keep their lives low stress and this was impossible to do with Boxer if he was going to have to keep having vet visits. Not to mention that even to give him medication was almost impossible because he was really just unadaptable. My other half, Chris, called back to our regular veterinarian and told them that we wanted to make an appointment for Boxer to be put down. The girl on the phone made the appointment and then told Chris that it was going to be $135.00 to have Boxer put down, plus another $59 (or something in the $50 range) for an examination. Chris promptly told her that we did not need an examination, we simply needed the cat put down. She advised him that they carried out an examination because they didn't "put healthy cats down." Chris then advised her that Boxer had been diagnosed by them, with Chronic Renal Failure a year ago and that he was not healthy and that it would all be in his chart. She replied that it didn't matter who diagnosed him, they would not put him down without the examination. Instead of going in circles, Chris hung up on her.

On the home front that night, I was crying, my daughter was crying and Chris and I ended up into an argument so bad, that we were not on speaking terms. No one wanted to have Boxer put down; we had him from the time he was six weeks old (he was 8 in January), and he was part of our family. I sat down the next morning and wrote a long e-mail to the vet, to an address supplied by them on their website, explaining the situation and how badly it was tearing the family apart. I also printed off a copy of the e-mail, and sent it by regular mail addressed to the vet himself, and marked it "Personal and Confidential." During this time, we were calling all the other vets about Boxer to see if anyone else would help us with the situation. Understandably, they all said that they could not put him down without examining him themselves. Then when explaining the situation to them, every office said the same thing, that they could not believe we were getting that response from our own vet, who had diagnosed Boxer only a year earlier. We then started to even doubt their original diagnosis and wondered if we were being "taken for a ride" the whole time. We finally decided that we were going to take him to another vet and go through with the testing and diagnosis again.

On July 18th we took him to another veterinarian in the area. I took him in, first thing in the morning and by early afternoon, they called to advise me that Boxer did have Chronic Renal Failure and in fact, was quite sick. His system was loaded with toxins and essentially the only thing that could be done for him would be to have him on IV for a few days to try and flush out his system. They told me that they didn't even expect that to work, and even if it did, they could not guarantee how long he would last after that. I knew I didn't have any choice but to make sure that Boxer wasn't in pain anymore. Chris, my daughter and I went to the new vet's that afternoon and held Boxer while he was given the injection, and said our good-byes while he drifted away.

Two weeks after I had written the e-mail to the originating vet, I finally received a "read receipt" that someone there had finally read my initial e-mail. I have to this day, never received a response to the e-mail itself, or the mailed copy of the e-mail. I have lodged a complaint with my area Veterinary Association, and therefore, until I receive a decision from them, will not name the original vet we were dealing with. However, once a decision is made, good or bad, I will add them to the "Rate your Vet" section and rate them accordingly.
Date Submitted: 2/26/2006 3:17:35 AM
My Name: Yogi
My Website:
My Story: Yogi was my dear friend and joy for 17 years. I took him in as a kitten with his brother Boo Boo. Boo died in an RTA at 8years old. Yogi and I became so close and he always knew my mood and how I was feeling. Instinctively he knew when I was thinking of him and would appear as my thoughts were of him.He had suffered from a thyroid condition when he was 14 but was still playful and always in command in a house of 6 six cats. I miss him so much and look forward to a day when we will be reunited. He died from lymphosarcoma and was ill for about a year. He was brave and beautiful and I know how you feel about Bebe and what you went through. I hope they are all together,playing and enjoying peace and knwoing that we still love them so much. Cats are sentient beings for which I thank God he gave us them to be our special friends. Yofi was my friend, my angel, my love, my poppet man. Linda ps I now have ten cats of which three are reds!
Date Submitted: 9/27/2005 9:24:25 AM
My Name: Dicky
My Website:
My Story: My name is Dicky, but my friends call me Dickyboy. I was born in Hawaii and was good buddies with Bebe. He always let me chase him around, and we took naps together. I moved to Hong Kong a few year laters and grew to be 15 and half years old. Now I am back with my friend Bebe having fun together.
Date Submitted: 2/20/2005 11:17:02 PM
My Name: Squeaky and Sooty
My Website: None
My Story: Hi Bebesmum. As you know I have had my 2 cats since they were 2 days old. There mother was a pet but the owners didnt get it desexed so she had 4 kittens and then we used to feed the 5 of them for 18 months then Mum rang up the Animal Welfare and asked what we could do. They said they were too busy to come and could not come in six weeks which they did. Anyway we noticed about 4 weeks after we rang they the cat was pregnant again. As they hide the kittens when they are born. When the people came to take the cats the mother went into the cage they catch them in so they had to take her. I went under the house after they left and found them. We took them to the vets the next day and they told us what to give them to eat. Since Squeaky has been 12 months old (they are now 14 years old) he has had crystals in his bladder which blocked him up he has had monthly visits to the vet since he was 12 months old. At 4 years old he had a complete sex change. Which seemed to fix the problem. In the last 18 months he has almost the whole time boats of cystititis he has to go on antibiotics. My black cat Sooty had to have the same operation as Squeaky when he was 6 years old. Sooty has to have tablets twice a day for the rest of his life as the operation was not a compete success. He seems to be well know fingers crossed. I will try and send the pictures of my two tomorrow night Australia time.
Date Submitted: 1/1/2002 12:00:00 AM
My Name: Tootsie
My Website:
My Story: A very lovable Akita whose life made short by a pain-killing patch. A MUST-READ page to learn about the facts of these evil patches.

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